Monday, 14 December 2009

Karl Marx and Careful Driving

Apologies to my fellow SVAers for the lateness of this contribution.

At our last meeting we looked at an extract from 'Karl Marx and Careful Driving'. We can now see the enormous dedication that Chris has shown for this incredible work really coming to fruition. The journey, history, philosophy and Chris's personal history are intricately woven together to form a really fascinating and entertaining book.

It was said at at our last meeting that more information and storyline about Chris himself was needed to hold the attention of the reader. I agree, but I also know that there is more of this to follow.

I would like to see more colourful descriptions of the places and events that Chris witnessed on his journey when everything was a source of wonder and adventure for him. The readers are new to this experience too and would like to feel the thrill that Chris felt when he first opened 'The Children's Picture Atlas in Colour'.


  1. Really enjoyed Karl Marx and Careful Driving Chris. Can't believe you're at it so early. The good news is though that I've actually written something and it isn't just this comment.

  2. This is a unique masterwork, Chris. Hang on in there.