Monday, 13 June 2011

In which Tony gets a 'Reality Check' and Rob dangles his participle

We met in the upstairs sitting room at Chris and Linda's and were served very fine banana bread.

Tony read a story that he had written some years ago called 'Reality Check'. The story was about an aspiring musician; whose work is only discovered, when after bitter disappointment, he leaves it out to be collected by the bin men. Rob enjoyed the 'Tony-Gillam-Garrison-Keillor' feel of the piece. He also felt that he was in safe hands as Tony's technical knowledge of speakers/guitars/cables etc. was clearly shown. Well-written with good subject matter, super command of dialogue was Chris's appraisal. Linda thought that the story was very neat and fitted together well.

There was much discussion about the ethics of one of Tony's characters who had had several beers at lunchtime and had then collected his kids from school. Some of us weren't happy with this state of affairs.

It was then that Rob informed us that he had spotted a dangling participle... We were horrified but luckily Rob was on hand with a sheet of information about this dangerous occurence

Well done Tony a carefully constructed piece with a lovely sense of completion.


  1. Thank you all for the encouraging feedback. Interesting that it didn't occur to anyone that the character who collected his children from school after a lunchtime drinking session may have been collecting them on foot, as I used to when my kids were at primary school (although of course I never went in for lunchtime drinking, nor would I condone it, hic.)

  2. Not sure about weaving about on foot at the school gates, though, Tony.