Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hive Been Waiting for You

The first meeting in May was held at Tony's. The group perplexed him slightly by all asking for different refreshments. By the time it came to making his own drink, Tony was exhausted and liberated coffee from Rob's Cafetiere of decaf! The chocolate covered brandy snaps were enthusiastically received, naturally everyone only ate one tucked in and polished the plate off.
In other news, Annie is about to embark on a writing course run by 'Writing West Midlands,' we hope that the traffic is kind and that she arrives on time. She is still waiting to hear from an agent and has a secret writing project in the pipelines. We are all sworn to secrecy!
Rob has submitted his book to an agent and is already contemplating a new project, possibly along a political theme.
Izzie has been writing blog content, is working on the PR/marketing side of blogging and plans to release an e-book sometime around July/August.
Tony has had an article published in Mental Health Practice and even more importantly is getting PAID for it!! He has also submitted an entry to the Bristol Short Story competition.
Chris has (sadly) been preoccupied with work. He has a talk planned in Ludlow and plans to film this with a view to adding content to his blog.
Linda handed out two copies of 'A Head Full Of Budgerigars' for appraisal by fellow members of the group.
Linda read a short story titled 'The Bee Lady.'
Chris thought it wonderfully descriptive and Tony described it as insightful and poetic. Both commented that the story should be submitted for The Bridport Prize ASAP - as the closing date is fast approaching. Izzie thought it was subtle and beautifully written. Rob loved the dialogue. Annie loved it and said it was relaxing and laid back. There was some discussion over the title, several suggestions were made - some more intelligent than others!!
During her right to reply Linda shared that the inspiration for the story was loosely based on a newspaper article. It is based on the theme of collective intelligence as a group, in that one bee has limited ability, but together as a swarm they are incredibly clever. Comparisons were made to fellow members of the group. Swiftly moving on...
Alternative titles for the story were suggested -

Droning On
Mourning Glory
Hive Been Waiting For You

Rob's magical SVA algorithm chart was consulted at the end of the meeting, according to it - the next meeting will be held at Chris and Linda's on 28th May. Tony is reading and Chris will hopefully be blogging if work commitments don't get in the way.

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  1. This blog should really create a buzz! By the way, my other suggestion for the title of Linda's story was 'The Mourning Swarm'. We could run a competition and ask our millions of blog readers to suggest a title, but I don't want to cause the internet to crash completely.