Monday, 3 March 2014

Come Back Chris - We Miss You

The latest meeting of the Severn Valley Authors was held at Izzie's. This came as a surprise to most of the fellow members, but as Chris needed to sleep before starting work in the early hours of the following morning, we were only too happy to oblige. Linda kindly supplied the cake - chocolate for the record, and very scrummy. We eagerly await Chris's return to the group when work commitments permit.

Every member of the group is continuing to work on their various projects as and when time allows, although most of us are finding that life is sometimes getting in the way of our passion for writing. However, we still have news...
  • Rob plans to enter The Bridport Prize
  • Tony is writing an introduction for the latest Malcolm Saville book
  • Annie has been encouraged by us all to submit Auntie Faye
  • Linda is awaiting feedback after submitting A Head Full Of Budgerigars to a literary agency
  • Izzie continues to submit features to various online publications
Linda submitted a short story titled - 'Dearest Arthur.' This was set during the Second World War and written as a series of letters and observations. The story was well received by everyone and we were astounded that it was so beautifully put together after being written within a very short time-frame. Linda was encouraged by Tony to submit it to Best of British magazine.

The next meeting will be held at Annie's (I think, why didn't I write this down at the time?) on 11th March, Tony to submit.


  1. Lovely blog post, Izzie. For any readers who might have been confused by the news that I'm writing an introduction to the latest Malcolm Saville book), given that Saville died in 1982, I should explain. His 1969 book 'Rye Royal' is being republished by Girls Gone By Publishers.

  2. I love the Jack Russell, Izzie. I think I might wake up Chris to show him.

  3. I love the Jack Russell, Izzie. I think I might wake up Chris to show him.