Friday, 29 August 2014

Five Nights in Paris

It is generally a good idea to write about an event while it is still fresh in the mind. The last meeting of Severn Valley Authors in July (2014!) is now somewhat of a blur. My life for the last six months has been completely overtaken by the setting up of the Community Bank of Wyre Forest - there has been little time to sleep, eat or even sadly to write. As I have to present something to our next meeting I need to shake a leg.

Apologies to Izzie for not reporting on your splendid blogs sooner. Izzie's blogs are well written and enjoyable and 'Five Nights in Paris' also has excellent photographs of both the Lyric Hotel and the delicious hotel food. Like her I think I could also have 'fallen in love with the ballerina voile panels'. I have never visited a themed hotel but loved the idea of each bedroom being themed around classical music and dance. I think I need to pay a visit if only to see the 'pink ballet-shoe ribbon carpet leading to the rooms'. We all agreed that this fabulous holiday deserved a more exciting title - and I was curious to know what her husband thought about it all - or was he too busy watching La Lapin Cretins and doing his morning Sexercises along with the (desirable) breakfast TV presenter!

Bewdley Book Week


Rob has been busy helping to organise Bewdley Book Week which starts on September 8th for seven days. There will be lots of exciting events including a talk by Kidderminster sleuth Gavin Jones about his thriller 'Three Bullets', in which Patrick Rhodes, a Kidderminster-based detective, investigates a brutal attack on a young girl in the town's railway station. We are proud to say that Gavin will soon be joining us a member of Severn Valley Authors and I hope that some of us can make it on Wednesday 10th at 2.30 in St George's Hall to add our support. There are many more great events during Book Week - I am particularly looking forward to the Poetry Slam in Jubilee Gardens on Tuesday evening at 8pm. Know any good limericks? 

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  1. Funny you should say that...
    There was a young writer from Severn Valley
    Who used as a pen name 'O'Malley'
    Now don't ask me why
    He wasn't even Irish
    Perhaps he did it just to be perverse, and to subvert the limerick form.
    What do you think?